About E-Bharatisampat

ई-भारतीसम्पदस्ति संस्कृतभारत्या संस्कृतसंवर्धनप्रतिष्ठानेन च प्रचाल्यमानः आन्तर्जालिकः विनूतनः संस्कृतग्रन्थालयः । अत्रत्याः संस्कृतमूलग्रन्थाः अनुवादग्रन्थाश्च सर्वसुलभाः भवन्ति । इयम् ई-भारतीसम्पद्योजना Project Digitized Samskrit Corpus इति नाम्ना २०१७ संवत्सरस्य मे-मासे आरब्धा । पश्चात् तस्मिन्नेव वर्षे अस्याः ’ई-भारतीसम्पत्’ इति नाम निश्चितम् । पुनश्च षड्भिः मासैः अनया स्वामित्वनाम (डोमैन् नेम्) अपि लब्धम् । सार्वजनिकक्षेत्रे उपलभ्यमानाः, सर्वोपयोगाय अनुमताः (येषां स्वामित्वादिसमस्या न स्यात् तादृशाः) वा ग्रन्थाः अस्यां योजनायां संगृहीताः । एतेषां प्रमाणीकरणम् आदौ जालपुटसम्बन्धं विना (offline) कृतम् । अन्येषाम् अन्तर्जालग्रन्थालयानां (Digital libraries) साहाय्यं यथासम्भवं स्वीकृतम् ।

E-bharatisampat is an online digital library of free content textual sources in Samskrit, jointly operated by Samskrita Bharati and Samskrit Promotion Foundation. This project aims to host all forms of free Samskrit texts and translations. The project officially began in May 2017 under the name Project Digitized Samskrit Corpus. The name E-bharatisampat was adopted later that year and it received its own domain name six months later. The project holds works that are either in the public domain or freely licensed; professionally published works or historical source documents and not vanity products; those that are verifiable. Verification was initially made offline, or with the help of other reliable digital libraries.

Objectives :

  1. To enable widespread access to the rich Bhaaratiiya knowledge base via the latest media in a way that respects her knowledge tradition and cultural heritage.
  2. To foster collaboration among the organizations interested in Bhaaratiya knowledge studies.
  3. To formulate open standards for knowledge and resource exchange related to Samskrit corpus.
  4. To promote open public access to resources created under this consortium.
  5. To share resources, technologies and effort needed among participants for the above purposes.
  6. To organize seminars, workshops, conferences and other events on related topics.
  7. To develop a common public portal for dissemination of Samskrit resources while acknowledging individual contributions
  8. To support external activities in line with our cause.
  9. To collectively solicit and utilize external funding for projects (based on terms and conditions decided per-project).
  10. To undertake any such activities that help achieve the aforementioned objectives.